Pool Inspections in Granite Bay, Roseville, Rocklin and neighboring cities.

California Pool Care’s comprehensive Pool Inspection is the area’s most trusted swimming pool inspection. Contact us if you are a potential homebuyer, a real estate agent who is looking to safeguard their client, or a general home inspector who would like to compliment their home inspection service with a professional pool inspection.

California Pool Care offers pool inspections that inform you about the condition of the swimming pool you are purchasing just as a home inspection informs you about the house you are purchasing. A home inspection is a good place to start, however, very few home inspectors are experts in pool equipment, structure, automation, and maintenance.

As swimming pool contractors, we have experience in the repairs, improvements, maintenance and service of all types of in-ground swimming pool and spa systems which makes us uniquely qualified to perform pool inspections. We have extensive experience performing hundreds of pool inspections. California Pool Care can identify issues that could potentially cost you thousands after closing.

Our comprehensive pool inspection reports provide a top to bottom evaluation of the pool and leave nothing uncovered or hidden in an effort to provide you with the most accurate inspection as possible.

Our goal is to ensure that a homebuyer and seller know the current condition of the swimming pool and whether it could use repairs, updates, or replacement parts to ensure that it is safe and working efficiently.

About our pool inspections

Every pool inspection done by California Pool Care includes a detailed report that will summarize our findings, including photographs. All approved parties involved in a real estate sale are provided with the report, which details information about any maintenance, repairs, or upgrades that are recommended for consideration. The pool inspection report will provide an assessment of the following areas where applicable:

  • Decks, steps and coping
  • Interior finish materials
  • Pumps, motors, heater, skimmer, filters, drains, heat pumps, blowers, gauges, visible piping and valves
  • Cleaning system
  • External bonding of the pump motors, blowers, heaters and other equipment
  • Operation of underwater lighting, ground fault circuit interrupters, conduit, visible electrical components and load center
  • Pool controllers, timers and automation
  • Diving boards, slides, handrails and ladders
  • The presence or absence of child safe barriers
Sample Pool Inspection Report for pool, equipment, and spa

What to expect:

  • We will prepare and e-mail an electronic, fully detailed inspection summary WITH PHOTOS.
  • Since many pool inspections are needed in a timely manner, our pool inspections can be completed on short notice. Pool inspections available Monday – Friday, Rain or Shine. Although if rain is forecast on your appointment, we recommend rescheduling, as it can be difficult to pinpoint obvious leaks and drainage concerns while it’s raining or if the ground is damp and saturated.
  • We shoot to complete our report on site or within a few short hours of your pool inspection, but we ask that you allow for up to 24 hours.
  • The current charge for our Pool Inspection report starts at $229. We accept payment by cash, PayPal, check or credit card.
  • If needed we can provide a detailed estimate of any recommended repairs noted we find during the inspection or refer you to qualified pool contractor.

Contact us today for an expert pool and spa inspection, whether you are a homeowner, realtor, or general home inspector. We are familiar with the urgency of timing that often accompanies a request for a pool inspection. For that reason, we make every effort to accommodate your schedule.

Please contact California Pool Care at 916-300-5538 for more information or to schedule your pool inspection.

Our Disclaimers

*Note we do not inspect solar equipment that is currently winterized, temporarily turned off manually, or obviously damaged for safety reasons. If your inspection will include solar, have the seller start and load the system prior to your inspection appointment.

**The seller, or property owner is therein responsible for draining, or re-winterizing the solar equipment post inspection during winter months. Please understand that operating and inspecting gas heating devices, along with pool filtration equipment, will be at the inspectors discretion when safety is of concern or prohibits otherwise.

***Our inspections are limited to ground level, visual assessment only (we do not get up on roof tops) If we suspect that there is a problem with the roof-top solar equipment, we will refer a reputable and licensed solar pool heating company to provide a more thorough assessment of the solar roof panels.

We are ultimately inspecting pools for health and safety, function, durability. We do not cite code, compliancy or any local or federal requirements. We do not engage in any onsite repairs during a pool inspection.